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Bubble Nini serves the prettiest bubble tea around as well as bunches of flowers by a floral designer and associated gifts. With her mission to make bubble tea fresher and healthier, owner Lara Hung curates a short list of tea choices and everything is made in-house without chemicals. From ‘The Sun and Moon’; a Sun Moon Lake black tea with caramalised brown sugar, milk, to the ‘Honey I’m Home’; butterfly pea flower tea with fresh lemon and lime, aloe-vera jelly and chia seeds, the Bubble Nini menu serves up the most insta-worthy and delicious drinks around.

As bubble tea takes over the world one pearl-filled cup at a time, we’re bringing the best to Darling Square, courtesy of tea specialists and florist all-in-one, Bubble Nini. With nothing short of 25 types of tea, prepare to be distracted by varieties as cute they sound. Our favourites are Honey, I’m home, a mix of Butterfly Pea Tea, with honey, lemon juice and chia seeds; So Matcha Love, made from high-quality matcha from Japan with full cream milk; and The Sun and Moon, created from Sun Moon Lake black tea imported from Taiwan, full cream milk and handmade brown sugar pearls. For Bubble Nini, the emphasis is on sourcing quality ingredients. Their handmade pearls are the signature here, which, unlike other packaged pearls, contain no preservatives, and have a shelf life of only one day. Bubble Nini also insists on using only sugar cane from Tainan, a city known for its sugar industry. Finished sipping and feeling sweet? You can also pick up a bunch of flowers for your loved one on the way home.

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