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With over 600 stores across Taiwan, America, Australia and more, it’s clear the team at Gong Cha has found their calling serving up premium quality Taiwanese tea, freshly brewed each day on site - and the best part? Gong Cha is calls Steam Mill Lane home.

‘Gong Cha’ is the act of offering tea as a tribute to the Emperor in ancient China so you can be assured that when you swing by Gong Cha, you’ll be tasting tea that is fit for royalty.

For the unofficiated bubble tea novices, your first time at Gong Cha can be a little daunting when you glance at their expansive menu with an offering that ranges from milk tea, to health tea, yoghurt or smoothie tea, served hot or cold, as well as an abundance of toppings to finish off your drink. Not to mention - for most drinks at Gong Cha, you can also customise the sugar and ice content so whether it’s summer, winter, early morning or late at night, you can find a tea to fix your cravings.

So if we’ve piqued your interest but you’re not sure where to start, check out our top 3 tea picks below to help you move things oolong (pun intended!) when you’re in line at Gong Cha:

Pearl Milk Tea
Often the OG of all bubble tea houses, Gong Cha’s Pearl Milk Tea features sweet, milky black tea accented by chewy tapioca pearls. It really is hearty enough to be a drink and snack all in one, and if you’re feeling adventurous, branch out with toppings like red bean and herbal jelly. Top hint: Feeling chilly? Ask for your Pearl Milk Tea to be made hot for a tas-tea coffee alternative.

Milk Foam Green Tea
Gong Cha’s signature milk foam sits atop Medium strength Green Tea - you can stir them together and sip for a milky, sweet tea blend, or sip through the lid to taste the contrast between the bittersweet green tea and creamy foam.

Matcha Red Bean Smoothie
Love Green Tea? You’ll like this drink very matcha! A milky Matcha mix is blended with ice for a cool sweet treat, and then topped with red beans (adzuki). The result is a complex blend of contrasting textures and complementing flavours that’s heavy enough to be a dessert replacement, conveniently placed in an on the go cup!

Our last tip? Gong Cha’s menu is extensive for a reason - that is, to make sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We on the other hand, see an extensive menu as a challenge, and so should you! So start slow, try our top three and then try some more…and when you’re out of options to try, start experimenting with different tea and topping combos.

Gong Cha is sticking around in Darling Square, and we’re sure it’ll become your regular for a tea fix...or ten.

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