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If your sweet-tooth needs sating while you are strolling down Steam Mill Lane, get yourself to Matcha-Ya!

Here, authentic matcha powder, sourced from Japan, is infused into many of the items on the menu. Choose from items such as matcha lattes and matcha fondue, matcha soft serve and even matcha udon.

Whether you are a matcha newcomer or a matcha maven, you’ll delight in the variety of flavours, from spicy, strong, caramel, chocolate, and more which you can experience in a sip of Matcha-Ya's drinks, desserts, and savoury dishes!

If matcha isn't quite your cup of tea, consider trying Houji-cha. Unlike other Japanese teas which are steamed, Houji-cha is roasted in porcelain over charcoal which gives it a smooth, nutty flavour. Matcha-Ya also offers many other beloved Japanese flavours in their drinks and food: sakura, mandarin, black sesame and - for those seeking a citrus kick - yuzu are all on the menu!

Transport your taste buds to Japan when you pick up a Kyoto Ogawa coffee. Charcoal roasted beans give a rich aromatic flavour to the coffee which is then served iced or in delicious coffee matcha float.

Experience classic Japanese dishes with their Matcha Udon & Rice Bowls. Try their take on 'cha-shu' (pork belly ramen), crispy chicken Katsu curry, or the impressive 65-degree egg & curry topped with beef mince and a glistening perfectly poached egg. To elevate your dish, try adding Matcha Udon or Matcha Rice for that extra boost of antioxidants and a subtle flavour to your meal.

Matcha-Ya prides itself on sourcing the finest ingredients. By attending tea auctions four times each year, their matcha manufacturer located in Shizuoka, Japan, ensures only the best quality tea is used when they custom make your next drink or meal.

Bringing a contemporary take on a traditional teahouse - their name even means ""Matcha Tea House""! - Matcha-Ya's design takes cues from traditional Japanese culture but with a contemporary twist. With varying shades of green hexagonal floor tiles that are inspired by nature and matcha as it dissolves into the milk, to the zigzag lighting stretching the length of the cafe, referencing the mountainous Japanese landscape where matcha is sourced, this light, bright cafe is sure to delight legions of matcha fans with its innovative and playful menu.

  • Feedback on Facebook gives it a 4.3 out of 5*
  • TripAdvisor ratings have it at 4.0 out of 5*
  • TrueLocal shows a 4.0 out of 5 rating*
  • Their Zomato score is 4.4 out of 5*

*(scores accurate as of August 2019)

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