Nakano Darling

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Nakano Darling is a relaxed Japanese Izakaya that specialises in homemade Japanese comforts and drinks.

The team behind the casual Japanese pub is music industry veteran, Chris Wu, and he’s joined forces with Tin-Jung Shea and Mitomo Somehara, the duo behind Yakitori Yurippi and Tahinomi YP in Crows Nest.

Specialities include, house made karaage chicken and gyoza as well as Japanese favourites, takowasa (raw octopus flavoured with wasabi), shimesaba (cured mackerel) and corn butter cheese.

Looking for somewhere to grab a drink? Highballs are the chosen drink at Nakano with an exclusive line up of Japanese whisky and the only Sydney venue serving Suntory Kakubin. They also serve sake, wine and beer. Hang at the bar, hideaway in the private dining room or sit in the traditional tatami mat area.

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