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World renowned tattoo aritsts creating one of a kind tattoos in the heart of Sydney CBD.

For those who live and breathe tattooing, or who are just keen to find out more, the Thirteen Feet Tattoo family are the people to visit. Thirteen Feet Tattoo was established in May 2017 by world renowned tattoo artist Todd Bailey. After being in the tattoo industry for more than a decade and travelling the globe extensively practising the artform, Todd decided to embark on the journey of opening his own studio on the world-famous King Street in Newtown. Todd’s vision was to create a tattoo studio which reflected his love and passion for tattooing, making a creative and welcoming space for tattoo artists and customers alike. The studio is an ever-developing gallery of tattoo art and memorabilia, with tattoo relics on display and art collected from around the world. Starting with Todd working solo in Newtown, Thirteen Feet Tattoo quickly became an extremely sought-after studio to be tattooed in by first timers to seasoned tattoo collectors alike. The family grew from just Todd to housing eight professional tattoo artists, all hand selected for their experience, skill, dedication and passion for tattooing. As the tattoo family continues to grow in size and reputation, our artists remain focused on integrity, quality and take great pride in the artwork that will stay with you for a lifetime. Thirteen Feet Tattoo’s Darling Square studio is an extension of what was created in Newtown, bringing a slice of the eccentric, weird and wonderful Newtown into the Sydney CBD.

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Thirteen Feet Tattoo 4/2 Little Hay Street, Haymarket NSW 2000