Vivid 2023 concept.jpg

Darling Square is Sydney's five-star destination for fun, friends and flavour! It sits perfectly in between the city and the harbour, right next to Darling Harbour and Haymarket.

Taking inspiration from the Exchange Building's timber wrapping around the circular structure, Aloft is a breathtaking installation transforms 'The Bird's Nest' into a mesmerising spectacle 🌆💫 Inspired by the vibrant neon sign animations of Chinatown, magnificent giant birds grace the façade, flapping their wings in a symphony of 24 LED outlines. Proud partner of Vivid Sydney, Darling Square invites you to invites you to experience this captivating fusion of art, technology, and urban charm.

Join us for 23 days and nights of Lights, Ideas, Music and Food, united by this year’s artistic direction, 'Vivid Sydney, Naturally.' From the 26th May to the 17th June, be immersed in a world of colour as you dine and dance in Darling Square.

VIVID Sydney at Darling Square