Discovering the secrets and origins of the country’s favourite ingredients! Come with us and our friends at Il Bacio as we take a culinary tour of modern Italy. Andiamo a mangiare!


Region: Padua, Italy
Originating in 1919 in Padua, Aperol is a light liqueur called an ‘aperitif,’ designed to stimulate your appetite. Preferably served prior to your meal, drink it straight on the rocks or as an Aperol Spritz, a refreshing cocktail combining the liqueur with prosecco and soda. Bellissimo!
Try: With Il Bacio’s stuffed mussels, to kick off any great meal. 


Region: Apulia, Campania, Molise
Modern Italian cooking has breathed new life into Scamorza, a milky cheese often neglected for mozzarella. Prepared using pasteurised cow’s milk and hung to ripen for two weeks, this cheese has a subtle smoky flavour and melts more evenly compared to mozzarella. 
Try: Il Bacio’s Tronchetto (rolled pizza).

San Daniele Prosciutto

Region: Friuli
Always imported, San Daniele prosciutto is cured in the Friuli region of Italy with local sea salt. It takes time and patience to prepare, and the Il Bacio menu respects this, serving it fresh on its sourdough base pizzas.
Try: Il Bacio’s Saporita pizza.


Region: Puglia 
Translating to ‘little ear’, orecchiette is a tiny, ear-shaped pasta that’s had a resurgence in modern Italian eateries. It’s typically paired with pork and fennel sausage or broccolini, resulting in a fragrant, unexpected pasta dish that’s a step away from pasta and meatballs.
Try: Il Bacio’s orecchiette pasta with pork and fennel sausage. 


Region: Milan, of course
Did you know that ‘affogato’ is Italian for ‘drowned’? It makes sense when you think about the way a perfect ball of vanilla ice cream dissolves into the deep, dark embrace of warm coffee, melting and losing itself and becoming one, like that feeling when you’re falling in love. What were we talking about again? Ah yes, affogato. Best served with a shot of amaretto — it’s just the right amount of buzz to send you home happy. 
Try: At the end of any meal!


Region: Calabria 
If you’ve recently noticed the word ‘Nduja’ appear on menus, it’s not a coincidence. This spicy salami paste is made from pork, spices and Calabrian chilli and is being redefined as a ciabatta spread and pasta accoutrement at Il Bacio. Just know it’s pronounced en-doo-ya!
Try: Il Bacio’s Ink Spaghetti.


Region: Somewhere between Lodi and Abbiategrasso, southwest of Milan
Mascarpone is nothing less than a two-ingredient marvel. A science project really, where the combination of whole cream and citric or tartaric acid creates something milky but tart, sweet but ever-so-slightly tangy. You’ll often find it amongst the sumptuous layers of a tiramisu, occasionally in soups as the final anointment, in pasta dishes to add richness, or our favourite, in the type of marvellous macaroni and cheese that hugs you just like Nonna does. 
Try: Il Bacio’s tiramisu dessert.


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