Sustainability at Darling Square

In a big urban metropolis like Sydney, it’s nice to know that your neighbourhood is thinking about the blue sky above, the green below, and how we can live better between them.

Not only have we designed Darling Square to be easily walkable (our walkability score is 100%), we’ve also considered what it means to be a truly sustainable, adaptable city neighbourhood.

This means we’re also an open marketplace and community hub for start-ups and people with great ideas, encouraging and enabling them to succeed and live their dreams. It means we’re an open forum for social and cultural exchange, and a place where people can achieve their ambitions as much as their work-life balance.

At Darling Square we’ve created green space for exercise and quiet time, and places where people can come together for any number of reasons, to feel at home, but still connected to other parts of the city.

But this is just the start. While our neighbourhood has already been awarded Australia’s first, 6 Star Green Star Communities rating, we hope to be even better, proving what’s possible when sustainability becomes a constant thread in how we see and build this place. They say, ‘the only way is up,’ but we’d like to add, the only way forward, is green.